Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our Trip To Pikes Peak

I recently wrote about a trip we took to The Royal Gorge. You can read that post by clicking here. I now want to focus on the trip we made to Pikes Peak. I remember taking a trip to Pikes Peak as a little girl and was very excited to be able to take my daughters there. One of the reasons we picked Colorado for our vacation was to see the mountains. Both my husband and I had been to Colorado before, but our daughters had never see mountains. So, going to Pikes Peak was important to us.

Originally called Pike's Peak, for the discovery led by Zebulon Pike in 1806, this mountain is now referred to as simply, Pikes Peak. 

Before we left home, we had a wonderful study about Zebulon Pike.  

Below you can find wonderful learning resources on Zebulon Pike

Pikes Peak Fun Fact

The most visited mountain in North America and the second most visited mountain in the world behind Japan's Mount Fuji is Pikes Peak. It forms a stunning backdrop for Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods. At an altitude of 14,115 feet above sea level, Pikes Peak is the 31st highest peak out of 54 Colorado peaks.
Upon entering we had to stop at the Pike National Forest sign and get a picture. It's a must in my opinion. We also stopped at the Corwe Gulch Picnic Ground for a little hiking. This picnic ground is located 3 miles up Pikes Peak Highway.

Our next stop, was at the Glen Cove Inn.

Glen Cove Inn was originally a cabin settled by Frank Tweed in 1886. He later developed the cabin into a station for travelers up the original carriage road. Though it has been completely rebuilt, the foundation of Tweed's cabin is still part of the construction.

Today, the Glen Cove Inn offers travelers a gift shop, restaurant and restrooms. In the summer months, rock climbing lessons and panning for gems is also be offered.

My daughters were excited to finally see some snow. My oldest took the opportunity to make a few snowballs. :)

On the way down the mountain, drivers are asked to stop at Glen Cove to have their brake temperature checked by Rangers. This is done to ensure your safety as you continue your descent.

One of the things we really enjoyed seeing as we neared the top of Pikes Peak was the large amount of skiers and snowboarders. I was amazed at their braveness.

As we finally started to get close to the summit house, we were stopped and told we couldn't go any further. The snow was too deep on the road. So we pulled off to the side, along with many other people. My husband and daughters decided to run up the rest of the way. The snow was a little too deep, so needless to say, they didn't quite make it. 

 I stayed back and took pictures of the amazing views. 

After playing near the top for awhile, we eventually made our way down the many twists and turns.

We stopped at the Ute Pass to see more beautiful views. 

After our long day on Pikes Peak, we were starting to get a little hungry. So we stopped at an awesome little cafe at the bottom called Mildred's Cafe. This place was awesome! The food was excellent and the homemade ice cream was delicious. We highly recommend it.

We had a wonderful trip to Pikes Peak. Are you interested in taking a trip to Pikes Peak?

Check out for more information.

Check out our trip to the Royal Gorge

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Monday, May 18, 2015 ~ Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story ~ Review

Hi Friends, Do you enjoy watching Christian movies with your family? 

 My daughters and I recently got to review Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story from What a wonderful opportunity it was for us! 

Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story is a wonderful Christian DVD that features the founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley.

When John Wesley was six years old he is miraculously saved from his family’s home that had caught on fire. John Wesley's mother called him a “brand plucked from the burning.” She truly believed that God had spared John for a wonderful purpose. As John Wesley grows older, he tries to live out that wonderful purpose using strength and good works. He becomes a priest in the Church of England and even helps found the Holy Club at Oxford. At first it brings on a lot of frustration and failure.

Feeling discouraged, John walks into a Bible study one evening at the suggestion of his
friend, Moravian Peter Böhler. At the bible study John’s eyes are opened to a new concept: salvation by grace and trust in Christ.  Finally, after years of struggle, Wesley feels as if his purpose has been found.  But his new message is not welcomed in the churches. Eventually John breaks all the rules and takes his message outside the church walls to the needy and outcasts. By the end of the story, John Wesley learns that salvation is through faith, but that faith leads to works.

~The Details~

The DVD runs 30 minutes plus their are a few great extras.

It is recommended for youth ages 8-12

The extras include:

  • A 55 minute documentary on John Wesley
  • Comprehensive leader's guide in PDF
  • Reproducible student guide in PDF
  • English and Spanish languages and subtitles 
~Our Thoughts~

This is a film that really touched the heart of my daughters and myself. We couldn't just watch it once, but instead opted to watch it several times. Each time our discussions grew bigger. I loved that our conversations were deep and meaningful and I'm thankful for that. The movie is animated and immediately caught my daughters attention. The movie does a wonderful job sharing about John Wesley's life in a way that is not only entertaining but very educational as well.

I really loved having a leader's guide PDF and student guide PDF. We printed the student guide out for my daughters. It was a great and helpful addition to the film. Both PDF guides are very simple to access. To access them, I simply placed the DVD into my computer and opened the files. They were both located nicely in a study guide folder. 

The Leader's Guide includes a wonderful teaching plan. The plan breaks down the story into 4 sessions. 

Session 1 - Saved By Grace
Session 2 - Growing in Righteousness
Session 3 - Walking the Talk
Session 4 - Galloping with the Gospel

My daughters enjoyed watching the DVD and they enjoyed the student guide. The student guide is filled with a lot of great activities. It includes a memorization chart, fill-in-the blank pages, coloring pages, word search and questions to answer relating to the story.  I felt that having the student guide helped my daughters really remember what they were learning.

If you are studying about missionaries and Christian leaders or just want to watch a great Christian family movie than I highly recommend Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story.

You can currently purchase Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story for only $9.99

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Homeschool Legacy ~ Horsing Around ~ Review

Hi Friends, I'm pretty excited to share our newest review with you today.

Are you a fan of unit studies? We are! As a matter of fact they are our favorite studies. We recently had the opportunity to review a once-a-week unit study called Horsing Around from the wonderful company, Homeschool Legacy. I have to say that this was probably one of our favorite studies this year so far. My children love unit studies and horses. So doing this review was definitely a win-win.

What is Horsing Around

Horsing Around is a 4 week, no prep, once-a-week unit study for grades 2-12 that allows children to learn life science and explore basic horsemanship. Children are able to choose from a wide variety of quality, library reading selections within the unit that focus on classics, breeds and characteristics, equestrian events, biographies, cowboys, and the pony express. The unit includes wonderful library lists that are alphabetically and numerically arranged, field trip ideas, and even movie suggestions. Another great thing about this study is that it is Boy Scout & American Heritage Girl friendly. Your children have the opportunity to earn merit badges while completing the unit study assignments. Also, this unit study is Biblically centered and very flexible.

How we used Horsing Around

The first thing I want to say is that I love that their was no prep work required. I can't say enough how simple it was to do this unit study with my daughters. Before starting the unit, I briefly looked it over and was pleased to find a page with suggestions on how to schedule our unit study time. I found this to be extremely helpful and we tried to follow the suggestions. I also wanted to say that instead of this unit being only for my daughters we used it as a family study. It was a ton of fun having the whole family involved.

Week One - 

Week one was such a fun start to the unit. We took a trip to our local library and picked up a few of the books that were on our reading list. After that, we were able to learn about the different breeds and characteristics of horses. We analyzed and discussed the character traits that God describes the horse as having, we traced and labeled the parts of a horse, and we started reading King of the Wind. We also watched The Black Stallion as a family. I was amazed at how much we were learning in just week one. It was fun to watch my daughters enjoying the unit. Our favorite part of week one was the field trip we took to our local horse veterinarian. They were able to spend time asking him wonderful questions about proper horse care, immunizations, common horse injuries, and what colic is.

Another favorite is a section called stump your dad trivia. In this section my daughters learned fun facts about horses. They were always eager for their dad to arrive home to try and stump him.  

Week 2 - 

In week 2 we were able to learn about horse and tack care. We also learned the parts of the saddle and brindle. We learned about a famous poet and his works, as well reciting a famous poem. My daughters also learned about horse safety and even memorized stable rules of safety. This weeks field trip was a two part trip. The first part was a trip to our local horse supply store. We were able to look at various types of horse care products. Our local store didn't have much of a selection, so we visited another store virtually using the internet to locate and view different products. The second part of the trip was to visit with a horse expert. We were unable to visit one, but once again we used the internet to find answers to the questions my daughters were wanting to know.  

Week 3 -

Week 3 focused on equestrian events. We started reading Black Beauty and learned about a famous composer. We watched two movies and still have one on our want to watch list. My daughters also had the opportunity to start planning a cowboy fun night party. They absolutely had a blast planning out their party. They called a couple relatives and invited them to it. At this time the date is set and we are really looking forward to it. There is going to be yummy food and lots of fun games. A list of games to play is actually included in the unit. I loved this, as it made planning much easier.

Week 4 - 

Week 4 my daughters used a cookbook to plan a chuck wagon meal for their upcoming party. They are pretty excited to come with me to buy the supplies and also help me make it when the day of the party arrives. They also started working on a skit that they want to perform during the party. We took a trip to watch an actual cowboy skit. It was a ton of fun and it gave them plenty ideas for one of their own. 

They also started reading and learning about the pony express, which was suggested on week 4's library list. So it was a ton of fun when they visited an actual Buffalo Bill impersonator.  He had a ton of information to give them about the pony express. I truly loved watching them ask him questions and learn all about it. 

One thing they really wanted to do during the course of this study was to ride a horse. They have rode before because their grandparents own horses, but they wanted to ride again. They weren't able to actually ride a horse but they did meet some really nice gentleman that explained a little bit about horses and gave them a nice carriage ride. 

Our Favorite Parts 

Each week in this unit has a family devotional section, this was one of my favorite parts. I loved how biblically centered they whole unit was. I also loved how thought out and put together the unit was in whole. It was a very flexible study, yet I feel like we learned so much. My daughters favorite part was the field trips. They loved being able to not only read and learn, but also get out and be hands-on with their learning. The trips taught them some pretty valuable skills and lessons. 
Final Thought

As you can probably already tell, we fell in love with Horsing Around. There is so much wonderful information and ideas in this unit. I absolutely love putting together unit studies for my daughters, but there is no way I would have ever been able to put a unit like this together. It's pretty wonderful and I highly suggest it to anyone wanting to do a horse unit study. As a matter fact I highly suggest Homeschool Legacy period. I can't wait to try out one of their other units. 

Homeschool Legacy offers a ton of different unit studies. Some of the titles are:

Birds of a Feather 
Forest for the Trees
Horsing Around
Weather on the Move
Christmas Comes to America
Knights & Nobles
Native America 
Early Settlers
Revolutionary Ideas: The Story of the American Revolution 
We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution
Lewis & Clark: From Sea to Shining Sea
Westward Ho I
Westward Ho II 

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Renuzit Pearls Scents Review & Giveaway

I love coming into a home that smells fresh and clean and lucky for me, I recently got to try out Renuzit Pearl Scents.  I don't mind having to spray an air freshener, but I don't always remember to. That's why I was excited to try theses. They truly are great! I love that they are not to strong or over bearing. Perfect actually! 

Living in a house with 5 other people doesn't always make for the most pleasant smells. So, I was surprised recently when I could walk into the living room and immediately smell the fresh scent of the Sparkling Rain Renuzit Pearl Scent. The best part is that the refreshing fragrances are long-lasting. They last up to 30 days. Also, it's an adorable and charming little jar. There’s no need for electric plugs or flames and it fits in prefect with any decor. It's looks great in my home. 

Oh and it's way simple to use. After purchase, remove lid and seal. Then simply, set it down and it continuously leaves your room with a light and fresh scent. That's all. 

Renuzit Pearl Scents comes in the following other aromas which I can't wait to try out also:

Sparkling Rain
Blue Sky Breeze
Seductive Pineapple

Want to know what your PEARLsonality is? Click HERE to find out! 

If you would like to learn more about new Renuzit Pearl Scents, visit their website
You can also stay up to date on new products and promotions by following along on 

Want to try them out for yourself?

There will be 2 lucky winners

Enter below for a chance to win a 

(1) FREE coupon for Renuzit Pearl Scents 9.0oz

Contest starts 5/14 and ends 5/21
I will be giving away one coupon to two winners

*Legal Disclosure: No purchase necessary to win. Open to US residents only. Void where prohibited. Two winners will be selected by Rafflecopter and will be notified within 48 hours of the contest’s close. Facebook is not affiliated with this giveaway and the act of liking a Facebook page is not required to win.

*The Renuzit brand provided me with a sample of Renuzit Pearl Scents in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dear Future Son In Laws

Dear Future Son In Laws,

Although my daughters are still quite young, do you know I'm praying for you right now? I'm praying not just for the sake of my daughters and their happiness, but also for your happiness as well. One day you will be a well-accepted part of our big ol' family.

Do you know how much we love and adore our beautiful daughters? Very, very much! There's nothing in this world we wouldn't do to see them walking through each day with their heart filled with joy. Their daddy and I want to see their happiness and their beautiful smiles. Oh, they are wonderful!...........just wait. You will see!

I really want you to know something. I know at first you'll be more interested in how pretty she is on the outside. But I promise you, she is breathtakingly beautiful on the inside, too. As you get to know her, you'll learn the unique way in which her heart beats for what she's most passionate about.

 Be good to her and love her as Christ loves the church.

Please understand, the day we give her away to you, we will give you the biggest parts of our lives. We ultimately will be handing you the first moments we held her and cuddled her. We will hand you the laughs, the cries and all the emotional roller coasters we'll have gone through. We will hand you every piece of her, because on that day, she will be yours. 

I pray now that you'll grow into a wonderful, God loving man, that understands your own heart and hers as well. I pray that you will live to protect, nurture, and love my daughter with all of your being. We hope you understand that we are invested in raising her so that she'll be the woman you want to raise kids with, the wife you will look forward to coming home to, and the woman you will want to spend the rest of your life with. 

Oh, by the way. Her daddy? Well, he may not like you at first and that's understandable, right? I mean, he has invested his time in protecting, loving, and caring for her. He loved her first and he cares so much. He is very interested in her happiness. I know that if you can love her, stick by her and show him how much you really care, he'll come around. I promise. 

One last thing, the most important thing. 

Trust God, honor God, and put Jesus at the center of your marriage and your family.

You're future mother in law

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Our trip to the Royal Gorge Bridge & FREE coloring & Activity Pack

One of the things I truly enjoy about homeschooling is the opportunity to take off and explore. Recently, we did just that. Our family took an amazing trip to Colorado. Eventually I will blog about all the different places we went and loved, but today I want to focus on the Royal Gorge. It was truly amazing and beautiful. We had all learned and read about the beauty of the Royal Gorge, but seeing it in person was way different.

As you probably already know, a June 2013 wildfire destroyed 48 of the 52 buildings and structures of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park and 90 percent of the park on both sides of the gorge. The Royal Gorge Bridge was spared minus some boards that had to be replaced. They have since rebuilt – please visit their website for the newest updates. 

Upon arriving, our family walked into the new visitors center and immediately paid the admission, eager to see what laid upon the other side. We walked out the doors and made our way to a fence and peered over the edge. It was breathtaking in a literal since. It was kinda funny, because before we arrived one of my daughters and husband had talked about zip-lining across it. When we paid the admission a very nice lady working had let my daughter know that you had to be at least ten years old and weigh one hundred pounds or more to do it. Check and Check. She was a happy camper. 

Everything changed with that first peek. Neither one of them had an interest anymore.  I'm quite sure they were thinking that their very first zip-lining experience should probably be a much smaller adventure than the Royal Gorge. 

After taking a few pictures, we made our way to the new aerial gondolas. The gondolas glide 2,200 feet across the Royal Gorge and over 1,200 feet above the Arkansas River. Each car will hold up to 8 guests and they have a total of 6 cars traversing the gorge at one time. We were very happy to learn that the Gondola ride is included in the general admission price and you can ride it as many times as you please. 

I'm not going to lie. The Gondola ride was absolutely amazing, but also a bit terrifying as well. My oldest didn't quite enjoy it and was very eager to remove herself when we stopped. I was pretty nervous but managed to convince myself that there was no way it was going to break. It swayed a little with any movement from us, so we all tried to stay as still as possible all while trying to take in the marvelous views. 

At the other side, we opted to not take the Gondola back across, but instead to walk around and explore the park and then walk back across the bridge.  While walking around we discovered an observation area. It took a little hike to get there, but it was definitely worth it. The views from this area were wonderful. 

We eventually made our way down a little path and arrived at the Plaza Theater. Colorado history comes alive with original artifacts and photos in their historical displays. 

We were also able to buy some yummy slushies and settle in to watch a short film all about the Royal Gorge. It was a wonderful presentation. Below you can see the same film that is played. It is filled with history, fun facts, drama, and awesome scenery surrounding the park.

After watching the film, it was time to make our way across the bridge. I didn't know if I was quite ready for it. I secretly wished that I could just teleport to the other side. I'm not really a fan of heights and having to cross that bridge on foot, no matter how beautiful it was, seemed like a huge feat. I managed it though. I must say, I actually loved it. I did try to stay away from the edge though. 

The Bridge was built in 1929 and nicknamed "America's Bridge." It is still the highest suspension bridge in America. It hangs 956 feet above the Arkansas River and is 1,270 feet long and 18 feet wide. 

Since we are from Oklahoma, a couple of my daughters and husband wanted to take a picture next to the Oklahoma sign. They are much braver than I am. 

It was interesting to see the gaps in between the wooded boards on the bridge as we walked across. It was so far down and if you looked down while you were walking, you could see the bottom with every step that you took. 

We when arrived at the other side, we spent a little more time looking around and taking pictures. We then made our way back to the visitors center shop to buy souvenirs.

As you can probably already tell, we loved our trip to the Royal Gorge. It was a wonderful family experience and I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to bring our daughters. I hope that this is a trip they will remember forever. 

Check back soon for more stories and pictures from our Colorado vacation. 


I have searched for coloring pages and activity worksheets for the Royal Gorge and haven't found many, so I decided to create my own. 

Click here to download and Print Our 

Have you been to the Royal Gorge or are you planning a trip? 
We would love to hear your stories. 
Leave us a comment below. 

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