Friday, October 24, 2014

New Liberty Videos ~ Anthem for a Nation DVD ~ Review

My daughters and I recently had the opportunity to review Anthem for a Nation from New Liberty Videos. We were very thankful for this opportunity. We had never heard of New Liberty Videos before this review.

What is New Liberty Videos?

New Liberty Videos is a company that produces Christian DVDs. It was founded by a wonderful husband and wife team, Brian and Marilyn Barkley. Mr. Barkley has been working in the motion picture business for 40+ years.

Anthem for a Nation is a 42 minute history documentary DVD that explores the qualities that made America great. New Liberty Videos believes these qualities must be reinstilled in our generation if we are to preserve for our children and grandchildren the freedom which God has so graciously entrusted to us. I also very much agree and that is why I was thrilled to review Anthem for a Nation.

Why has America prospered like no other nation in the world? Anthem For A Nation, seeks to answer that question.

I read that New Liberty Videos has dedicated the Anthem for a Nation documentary to freedom-loving Americans everywhere with the prayer that God will raise up in our day a new generation of men, women and young people who will walk with Him and are committed, whatever the cost, to see His righteousness restored in the hearts, homes and institutions of America. Could you imagine what it would be like to see His righteousness restored? Oh friends, what a joyous day that would be in my opinion. I know that having documentaries such as Anthem for a Nation is a great way to get people talking and thinking. 

I remember many years ago, when I was very young, I was in a discussion with an acquaintance about what American was founded on. While I was trying to explain my opinion, he was confidently explaining his own. Obviously his opinion was greatly different than my own. While I do believe it is everyone's right to have their own opinions, I was deeply saddened. I wish I would have had Anthem for a Nation. It says everything I wished I had known and understood at the time. 

Who is Anthem for a Nation recommended for?

Anthem for a Nation is rated for a general audience. Some of the material will be over the heads of younger ones and there are some subjects you might not be ready to discuss with them.

How did we use Anthem for a Nation?

Like with any movie that is watched in our home, we prepared to watch it, by preparing some yummy popcorn. We placed the DVD in the player, got comfy, pushed play, and were more than ready for an amazing history lesson. I don't quite think amazing history lesson, even sums it up. It was much more. I was blown away at the amount of knowledge that was given in those 42 minutes of the documentary. I felt like my children learned so much and my heart was full. I loved that it was filled with spectacular scenery of  America and beautiful patriotic songs.  There was a moment in the DVD that left me speechless. We were asked to close our eyes, while we listened to the sound of BBs. Each BB represented the amount of lives lost in our wars. The one that stood out the most was the war on unborn babies since 1973. The sound of those BBs was more than a heartbreaking. I didn't think they were ever going to stop dropping. It was an incredible learning moment not only for my children, but for myself included. I wondered how I could not have known about the extent of the information given. I loved that Anthem for a Nation provided my family with the opportunity to learn and discuss very important topics. Topics that my daughters, who are 8, 9, and 11 didn't really understand that well. It was great being able to discuss these topics and I absolutely loved that Anthem for a Nation did such a wonderful job in stating facts.   

One of the cool things that Anthem for a Nation explores is, all the monuments and places in our nations capital that have Christian words inscribed or displayed. After watching the DVD we had a study of our own. We looked up these places and virtually explored them for ourselves. We have never had the opportunity to actually visit these places in person, but we would absolutely love to one day. My daughters thought it was very cool to learn that Washington monument has a plaque on the very top that reads Laus Deo, which in Latin means, Praise be to God.  

~Final Thought~

I'm sure you could already tell, but I absolutely adored Anthem for a Nation. I very much recommend it to everyone.  I'm so thankful that we were able to review it and I'm glad that we have the chance to watch it as many times as we like. While it is stored away right now, I foresee using it again in the future. 

What does Anthem for a Nation cost?

You can currently purchase Anthem for a Nation for only $19.95


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FREE Then and Now Printables

I know my daughters love hearing about the past. It can be so fun to learn things, that you didn't get to experience first hand. I have created some very fun printables for your child to use to look back at the then compared to the now. One of our favorites is the changes in prices printable. They can use this printable to interview a relative, friend, ect. It's fun to see how their prices compared to ours have changed so much. 

Click Here to Download our FREE Then and Now Printable 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

Easy Peasy Tater Tot Casserole

I'm linking up with 

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Field Trip - A trip to the sky

A couple years ago my daughters learned about many wonderful pilots and they absolutely fell in love with the concept of flying. We read a ton of books, watched movies, and did a flying & floating unit study. It was fun for them, but something was still missing. A real plane ride. My husband knew how much they wanted to fly so he arranged a day to do just that. Fortunately, for my daughters, their daddy's friend is a pilot.

When we arrived at the hanger, I could tell the girls were anxious. They were excited but unsure. After all, it was their first time and they had no idea what to expect. The plane was much smaller than they anticipated.

Our friend did a wonderful job explaining the parts of the plane and procedures. One by one we climbed in and buckled up. We were handed our headsets and we talked into them to make sure they were working. We went over the checklist and then it was time to fly. As we entered onto the runway, I peered over at my oldest, who was sitting beside me. She had tears in her eyes. I was nervous for her and asked her if we should stop, but she wanted to continue on. I then looked back behind me, looking for tears from my two youngest. There were definitely not any tears. Those two had the biggest smiles I had ever seen. They were ready to go. We paused at the end of the runway, bowed our heads, prayed and off we went.

My oldest was no longer scared. She was excited and began pointing out all the wonderful things she had never seen from such an view. It was absolutely perfect. I've flown many times but had never had the opportunity to see the view so close to home. I loved it. We all did. The girls thought it was fun to see our house from the sky. We also got to see those huge wind turbines. The ones that look so big from the ground, looked so small from the sky. Our lake, well... it's been in some desperate need of some water and you could really tell from the view we had.

 We all had a wonderful time. The girls have already been asking when we could go again. I actually had a different question for my husband.....Do you want to buy a plane? While a plane may not be in our future, I do anticipate more plane rides with our girls. It was a wonderful moment and will one day be a wonderful memory.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn Unit Study Ideas and Resources

~Autumn Unit Study Resources~

Fall is our favorite season! 

Fall crafts are some of our favorite ones to do throughout the year. My children absolutely love leaves. There are so many things you can do with them. 

Here are their top 4 favorite things to do with leaves. 


2) Play in them

4) Nature Journals

We love fall nature hikes.
What better way to learn about nature, than to get out in it?


Does your family take nature walks?

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Homeschooling - Endless possibilities

I started homeschooling eight years ago. It hardly seems possible. Time has certainly flew by.  I'm no veteran homeschooler, but I do feel like the last eight years have taught me a ton.  When I first started, I tried to bring school home. It's different now. Sometimes, I throw away our schedule and let my children pick a subject to learn about. It's so nice to learn with no restraints, no pressure, and no limits. There is endless possibilities to our learning. We can learn about anything at anytime. We can learn in our pajamas or our Sunday best. We can learn here and there and anywhere. My inner Dr. Suess is showing. Anyhow, we can learn in a tree, or with a bee, or... okay maybe I'm being a bit silly. I'm sure you get the point though. We don't dread learning, we embrace it. Homeschooling truly does lead you down a path of endless possibilities. Embrace it and enjoy it. These periods in our life truly end too soon.

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